Forbes – December 10, 2015

Supermodel Edie Campbell On Being The Face Of YSL’s Black Opium, Holiday Beauty And Selfies

As the face of the newest women’s scent from Yves Saint Laurent, supermodel Edie Campbell spills her beauty secrets, her go-to holiday makeup, and the secret to taking a great selfie.



How did you feel when YSL asked you to be the face of Black Opium?
Flattered. It’s a big deal to be asked to be the face of any perfume, but when it’s a new launch it’s more pressure because you’re really introducing that scent to the world. Plus for a scent like Opium with all its history, there’s the controversy that surrounded its initial launch years ago, and all the incredible advertising and imagery that has been created for the Opium fragrances over the year.

What do you like about the scent?
I like that it feels very familiar. So it’s not overpowering in that way. It’s quite sexy too, without being too try-hard.

How do you wear fragrance?
I like wearing it at night. I like the element of transformation involved, the fact that the scent gives you a kind of aura.

What are your go-to holiday beauty looks?
Glitter! Shine! When it’s cold and gray and miserable I like to look like a Glam Rock Marc Bolan Christmas tree! Plus you can’t really get glitter wrong.

Why did you decide to get into modeling?
It sort of happened slowly over time I suppose. But I love it now; it’s a great privilege. I work with incredible people who are the best in the world at what they do, and to be invited to collaborate with them is incredibly inspiring and very flattering. I travel lots and get put in strange, awkward, hilarious situations on a daily basis. What’s not to love?

With so much time in the makeup chair on shoots, what have you learned about beauty?
Curl your eyelashes. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream goes a long way. And also, really no one cares what you look like because the happiest, cheeriest, most interesting person in the room will always be the best. But first impressions do count for something I suppose.

You’re known for your personal style. How does Yves Saint Laurent Beauté mesh with your own aesthetic?
YSL Beauté is quite strong. I like that it’s about being a 21st century woman who does things and is independent and fearless, but it’s still quite glamorous. A lot of the cosmetics are not too overdone, and they really get the classics right – the perfect kohl, the best mascara, Touche Eclat. Those are the things that I want to wear every day, so that’s important to me.

What style tips have you picked up through modeling?
Buy nice socks. Wear shoes in your own size. I actually already knew those things but being a model compounded my thoughts on shoes and socks. Oh, and sometimes expensive clothes, beautifully made, well cut and well tailored really are worth the price tag.

You’re making quite the splash on Instagram; what’s your secret to taking a great selfie?
I like to include a horse in most of my selfies, and only show half of my face. So it’s more horse selfie than anything else! Also there really needs to be a point to a selfie. I don’t think it’s okay to post if you just look really nice.




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