IMAGE Magazine – April 8, 2016

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Edie Campbell

Smart, articulate, charming and beautiful… these days it takes a lot more than looks to be a supermodel, but as we discover in the April issue of IMAGE, Edie Campbell — queen of the insightful sound bite, is the perfect package.



She’s not just a pretty face
Edie Campbell has tried her hand at writing, contributing to Harper’s Bazaar UK and acting as contributing editor to Love Magazine’s 2014 autumn/winter edition. She also loves to read, “I don’t like biographies; I read a lot of novels, a lot of 20th century novels.”

She has recently become a vegetarian, but she doesn’t follow a diet
“I don’t follow a diet per se, but I’m conscious of what I eat”, says Campbell. “I’m a vegetarian, which is a new thing, so no meat, but there’s nothing else I don’t eat as such. I love chocolate. That’s my favourite thing.”

Her signature hairstyle is definitely not effortless
“I’m a bit lazy, and in truth, there are other things I’d rather be focusing on. My hair is definitely not effortless. It comes from a lot of time spent sitting in hair salons. My go-to hairstylist is Guido, so I love it when I might be working on a show that he’s on. I’ll get onto his assistant and see if we can cross paths.”

She prefers a night in to a night out
Her perfect night, she says, would be “with all my closest friends. We’d listen to music — a bit of disco and David Bowie — and there’d be dancing. It’d be chilled; in a big house with loads of girls, and it’d be fun.”

She has an interesting take on the definition of beauty, considering she’s a model
In Edie’s eyes, the definition of beauty is “the happiest or funniest person in the room, or the most interesting.”

Full interview in the April issue of IMAGE




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