The New York Times – July 7, 2016

Edie Campbell and Christabel MacGreevy’s Patches — and the Clothes to Wear Them on

Itchy Scratchy Patchy’s founders, the model Edie Campbell and the illustrator Christabel MacGreevy, started the line of playful patches a year ago. Soon, they realized that friends wouldn’t necessarily know how to style the individual iron-ons they’d designed.

MacGreevy and Campbell sourced jeans directly from Levi’s archive, and recycling centers, which meant that some of the samples were less than perfect. “They had rips in the wrong places so we’ve patched them up with different cloth and added the Itchy Scratchy patches.”

Each of the vintage Levi’s jackets and jeans is a one-off, and there are just four of each of the 11 different Sunspel T-shirt styles. The pieces will go on sale at Dover Street Market in London this weekend. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone,” says Campbell.






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