The New York Times – September 6, 2018

Modeling in the #TimesUp Era

There are new measures to safeguard young women from predatory behavior, but a wholesale change in the industry remains elusive.
By Vanessa Friedman


Miriam Klein Stahl


Excerpts from the article:

… Nevertheless, at one show, as at many other shows over the following month in the other fashion cities, the private changing area was more of an ideal than a reality. “There was a male photographer there taking pictures while girls were getting undressed!” said Edie Campbell, a model.

When asked if she had told the executives at Sies Marjan, the brand involved, about the male photographer in its private changing room, Ms. Campbell said she had not because she was concerned about getting a reputation as a “troublemaker.”

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So… today @nytimes published a piece on where we have go to, one year into the #MeToo era. Go have a read. Vanessa Friedman outlines the inadequacies of the industry’s current patchwork of measures to address predatory behavior, and aptly states that the "lack of consistent global standards, and debate about the best way forward, has created a sense of ambiguity that has left models in real doubt about the depth of the commitment [from industry leaders]." Friedman lifts up the @ModelAllianceNY's RESPECT Program as one of the "most ambitious solutions". Based on a proven approach to addressing sexual harassment in even the most complex of workplaces, the RESPECT Program stands out as the most comprehensive and effective solution. #TimesUp! #Time4RESPECT

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