Marc O’Polo – Autumn/Winter 2018

A successful mix of retro inspiration, rediscovered classics and modern, innovative styles and materials. Presented by top model Edie Campbell. A fashion icon with a vibrant charisma. She’s also a competitive horse rider, an occasional journalist and a passionate advocate for literacy and sustainability, and her confidence shines through in every picture.

Photography: Alasdair McLellan
Creative: Heiko Keinath
Styling: Aleksandra Woroniecka
Hair: Anthony Turner
Makeup: Lynsey Alexander
Models: Andrew Cooper, Edie Campbell



The mood is autumnal: rich with contrast, warm with golden daylight, and as natural as the knits and coats that grace the models. Edie — hair messy, gaze clear, options open — projects the new look of modernity. She’s at home with herself and the world.



Director: Hubert Woroniecki










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  1. 💖OMG 💕… She’s looking stunningly beautiful as always wherever did you get the catalogue from incase you got a printed version of it.woyld be so nice if you could help, sending greetings from Berlin XOXOX KAY PS I am attaching a couple of pictures of Edie since I have not seen them on here yet


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