Agnona – Autumn/Winter 2018

British model and activist Edie Campbell fronts the Agnona fall digital ad campaign. Captured on the street of West London’s Holland Park by photographer Ezra Petronio, the model is seen walking in a pensive mood, wrapped up in a mohair turtleneck sweater in camel contrasting with the maxi cashmere scarfs in earthy tones she carries. Her stunning looks belie a charming intelligence and wicked sense of humor, said the brand’s creative director Simon Holloway. The campaign debuted last week through Campbell’s Instagram account where the model posted a behind-the-scenes video flanking the images.
– WWD, 27 June 2018


Director: Ezra Petronio
Creative: Simon Holloway
Photography: Liam Cushing
Model as influencer: Edie Campbell


“Elegance to me is knowing who you are, what you are doing.”


“Style is either trying really hard or not at all.”


“Feeling like something was difficult but it was worthwhile; it’s empowering.”


“You maintain your integrity by doing what feels right for you and know your reasons for doing it.”


“Feeling like something was difficult but it was worthwhile; it’s empowering.”


“Beauty is not being unsure.”


“What inspires me? My friends, good books, good paintings and London.”




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