Molly Goddard – Spring 2020

The front rows and catwalks of London Fashion Week had an added sense of gravitas this season, thanks to a fabulous cast of grande dames who joined in the fun. We’re all there for the clothes, of course, but these women gave a deeper meaning to the collections, helping designers underline the emotional power of fashion …

Supermodel Edie Campbell cemented her own grande dame status after she closed Molly Goddard’s show on Saturday. She’s a regular on Molly’s catwalks but this outing turned out to be an emotional milestone. “I smashed myself up pretty badly in May when me and my horse did some unexpected somersaults in competition. The fall left me neither able to put my socks on, nor remember what had happened 15 minutes prior,” Campbell wrote on Instagram. “I know you only have to put one foot in front of the other on the catwalk, and I’ve done it a million times before, but there have been times this summer when I felt so broken that it seemed inconceivable that I would ever be well enough to work again, so this feels pretty miraculous.” Whoever said fashion was frivolous?

– excerpts from The Telegraph, 17 September 2019










Off duty



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