W – Volume 6, 2019

Everyone Is Welcome

Photography: Tim Walker
Styling: Sara Moonves
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Makeup: Sam Bryant
Nails: Yuko Tsuchihashi



Edie Campbell brings a welcome sense of androgyny to fashion and has the ability to transform herself into practically any character in front of the camera. She has an art history degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, which explains her keen understanding of the body and how to pose.




Tim Walker Historic Photo Exhibition at London’s V&A Museum

British supermodel Edie Campbell has worked with Walker on countless occasions over the past 12 years. From nuzzling a (real) lion to transforming into Dalí-esque chess pieces, she says she’s found his creative process surprisingly easy. “He will tell a story and a narrative and explain to you in detail how he got to this idea, and who the character is that you are inhabiting. Because the world he takes you to is so wonderful, it’s incredibly easy to stay there and occupy the mood entirely.”

– The Cut, 7 October 2019




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