Elle UK – October 18, 2019

Edie Campbell Addresses Her Own Part In Fashion’s Carbon Footprint

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Absolutely BUZZIN to be on the train from Milan: by FAR the most luxurious way to travel across Europe. I have more room, I am relaxed, no Easyjet employee has tried to charge me £999 to bring my tiny Jacquemus handbag on board. We are rolling through the Alps, alongside glittering mountain lakes and medieval churches. And shortly, I shall be served a warm quiche in my seat. 💅🏽 The journey back to London will take about 11 hours door to door. So yeah, longer than flying, but so much more enjoyable. And I’m not sure what I would be sooooo busy doing in those 3 hours gained (watching naked attraction obvs) And most importantly: you reduce your carbon emissions by about 97% in comparison with air travel. A return flight from London to Milan contributes more Co2 than the average annual emissions of a person in some developing countries. Which is: 🤯.

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