Instagram Videos & Photos – June to July 2020

5 June


6 June


12 June


28 June


1 July


4 July



12 July


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  1. The girl in the fifth photo is possibly the Edie’s current partner (girlfriend). Really, I am astonished at Edie’s change in the last two years with her statement as bisexual. Besides, now she wears very masculine clothes and haircuts. I can’t believe it.


    • Actually Edie had said before she doesn’t like wearing dresses, she likes trousers, at an interview back in 2010. She even wore her then-boyfriends’ clothes 😂 she is not really feminine.


  2. I know. I also like girls in trousers 🙂 But really, the current Edie is completely different from the Edie in her early twenties, she was always very happy with her boyfriends


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