More Or Less – Issue 4, October 2020



Behind the scenes


What was Edie’s response to seeing the can onesie on set?

We were all so glad that she was the model who did the shoot in the end. She’s the only one who I think has a good enough sense of humor that she didn’t cry when she saw what we were dressing her in. She actually thought it was hilarious. So she was just laughing the whole shoot. She’s so thin and wispy and she was in this big, heavy thing but she had a great, can-do attitude.

We shot Edie in March before lockdown… It’s a really difficult time to plan anything far ahead of time. We were supposed to initially come out in June with the Edie issue. And every shoot apart from Edie had fallen apart or changed.

– excerpts from W Magazine’s interview with Jaime Perlman, 16 October 2020




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